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During your consultation with Dr. Villanueva, he will understand your needs and explore all options with you, communicate any side effects and prescribe the best suited medication for your needs. Our responsive electronic prescription fulfillment works directly with your pharmacy.

You will have constant access and contact with Dr. Villanueva after your consultation and prescription are fulfilled.

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Weight Loss

Coordinate with our medical professionals to understand your weight loss journey, health information and review bloodwork.



Testosterone Replacement

TRT consultations via Telemedicine are easy and informative. There are many questions associated with TRT and our Endocrinology base has the answers. We will review your blood work, answer questions, and get specific dosages for your needs.

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Peptides are safe, affordable and effective way to reinvigorate your body & mind. Consultations include the review of your bloodwork, answering any questions you may have and product education.

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