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Common Questions

Getting Started - What to Expect


All of our weight loss therapies are formulated specifically to our clients needs and goals. As our patient, your weight loss journey begins with a consultation where we will get to know you, and you will get to know us, our process, the measures we take to ensure your safety and satisfaction. This is the building block for us to formulate your plan.


Your blood work will be processed in our advanced laboratory and your results will be available in about 45 minutes. During which time, it would be our pleasure for you to relax in our IV lounge where you may enjoy refreshing beverages and snacks.

Getting Started

After your panel has been analyzed and we have determined the healthiest avenue to pursue your goals, we will present you your options and answer any questions you may have. You may get started with your protocols in officer or you may self administer at the convenience of your home.

GLP-1 & GIP Safety

Like all medications, some side effects may occur.

However, at Evolve, we have collected data from thousands of our patients who have been on or are on ozempic, mounjaro, compounded semaglutide and tirzepatide. We have analyzed the findings and created significant safety measures. We have successfully treated our patients without cause of serious side effects.

Safe administration of these medications start with the patients gut-biome health, blood panel and dietary guidance.

By implementing these protocols, clients have enjoyed steady weight loss and have been able to keep the weight off with our post therapy guidance.

Weight Loss Rebound

Weight gain rebound can occur when clients resume the previous lifestyle that causes weight gain.

We give guidance to our clients diet, exercise and vitamins that will help sustain their newfound weight loss.

Muscle Loss & "Ozempic Face"

An average of 30% of weight loss is from muscle wasting - this can occur on GLP-1 type medications as they may induce catabolic symptoms.

Maintaining muscle mass is encouraged through proper nutrition and resistance exercise.

Occurrences of "Ozempic face" are rare. When the muscles in the face diminish as a result of not enough chewing of food, the muscles flatten and the face takes a droopy look. It is encouraged for clients to continue to consume animal based proteins, eating raw carrots and other vegetables that require chewing.

  • Laboratory Testing

    The benefit of allowing Evolve the pleasure of providing you with our services is access to our in-house, state of the art laboratory.

    This allows us to access crucial data that helps us determine if you are safe to start our weight loss therapies.

    We test for moderate and severe side effect bio-markers. If we see anything even remotely suspicious, we may elect to test your blood more often to ensure your comfort. There is no cost to our additional in-house testing when you are our client.

  • Balance

    Side effects are more likely to occur when higher doses of GLP-1's are administered. Higher doses are given as a result of lack of weight loss.

    Weight loss may slow for some patients. This can be due to a decrease of micronutrients, change in the gut biome, stress and hormonal changes - to name a few. At Evolve, we approach our therapy protocols as a whole body rather than a simple medication. We provide analysis, vitamins, peptides and hormonal replacement therapies in an effort to prime the body for health and fat loss, rather than administer higher doses with no effect other than negative.

  • Foods

    GLP-1 agonists may cause nausea and other gastric issues. However, the foods we eat increase the possibleilities of those symptoms. We provide our clients with carefully procured food guidances and a list of foods to avoid.

    Our clients who follow the food guidelines have reported nearly no gastric side effects.

Effective Weight Loss

Medications like Ozempic, Mounjaro, compounded semaglutide & tirzepatide are great for weight loss, controlling diabetes and have tremendous benefits for cardiovascular health.

Some users of these weight loss medications don't experience weight loss, however.

At Evolve, we take a deep dive into our clients biological metrics to understand and solve fat metabolization issues to ensure proper weight loss.

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